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Currently I'm working on a film in a cinéma vérité/direct cinema style, following my main subject, Ala, and her family in their everyday life. My visual language manifests itself with the help of a cheap, shaky hand-held video camera, natural light, and movement, along with my own involvement in the story as it develops. Feeling the camera as an extension of my body and consciousness is crucial to my creative flow.

Every year or two, Ala and her husband Jeremy change their country of residence. Not being bound by permanent workplaces, bank accounts, insurances, children, properties and lovers, Ala plays the game by her own rules and values. The film will follow  Ala as she appears in Berlin and builds a polyamorous household, while being overshadowed by an even more radical lifestyle led by her mother.

No production companies or producers were approached for collaboration yet. If interested in collaboration, please contact me.

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